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Stop Convincing & Start Educating…

We know with some certainty that if we move our bodies often, fuel them with less refined carbs and sugars, and have better quality sleep we are doing things that are good for us… these are healthy habits.

To recap the last two weeks and summarize our health, nutrition, and training philosophy…

When it comes to exercise… Do something… a walk around the block or a 3 minute workout when you wake up. Something is always better than nothing!

When it comes to eating… Being on a “diet” forever is not sustainable… if you can’t see yourself doing it 5 years from now our advice is don’t start it today. Using supplements such as fat burning energy teas and meal replacement shakes should never be included in a conversation around nutrition, let alone a part of your nutrition plan! Nutrition for the majority is not complicated, eat less processed shit, consume less refined sugar, drink more water, and you’re well on your way. Your insides will thank you down the road.

When it comes to results… What is the least amount necessary to reach a desired outcome? Sustainable, life-long training is about consistency NOT a “more is better” mentality. It’s about doing what is appropriate for the day based on how you actually feel.

Many of us know or at least are aware of these things, so why isn’t everyone doing it? It seems simple enough to block off 30-60 minutes a day to take care of your body. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to have more cooked meals and water when it comes to feeding the machine. It would seem that everyone would want to feel better in some capacity, so why is it so hard to convince people to do that?

The long and short of it… THEY have to be ready to do it. We do not get to “convince” people to take care of themselves. Our take on this is rather simple. The more you push the more likely you are to drive most away. Think about this, there is massive information on every medium possible about health, wellness, fitness, well-being… literally anything that has ties to any of these terms. The information is readily available to almost anyone nearly anywhere. People see it; they ignore it, and for many of us we need to accept that what we are doing and saying is only adding to the noise… our best advice, shut the hell up! Know this; there is a reason why they keep scrolling and ignoring… they’re not interested nor are they ready…..Yet.

Remember…We do not get to convince people that their health should be a top priority, they know this and choose otherwise. The thing is, when they are ready we get the opportunity to help educate them. This can get tricky though. Just because you love what you do does not mean your spouse, co-worker, sibling, or whoever will also. Understand they are not you and they may not want to do what it is you are doing. So, if they try your thing, but don't jive with it, be okay with this; accept it and support what they are ready and willing to do right now.

Some final thoughts from a professional....

Working in the fitness, health, or nutrition industry we have an obligation to the consumer to educate, to do no harm and to provide appropriate guidance. As a professional we want to educate the consumer on a better way to achieve the outcome they desire. This means weight loss conversations begin with current nutrition habits and not the introduction of supplemental shakes. Likewise, when addressing concerns related to tiredness or sluggishness we are talking about sleep habits and not throwing energy drinks at the issue. As a professional you have a duty to educate. Stop convincing and start educating.... Be a pro and do better!

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