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Just checking the box is okay too, sometimes…

How many different ways can a person write about various ways to stay consistent? Turns out, quite a few if you’ve been following the last few weeks. If you're thinking we always look for the easy way out, or we only engage in things that require the least amount of effort…. That is not it. Our intent is not about mediocrity, rather it is to help others find sustainable and sensible ways to keep getting after it, to have a lifestyle that continues to let them do all the things for as long as they want to.

Over the years we have experienced a lot; and, here’s the thing, in the beginning when most people start something new they're "all in" and a ball of fire. They have more energy than they've ever experienced because they are doing something new; whether it’s a habit, business, or exercise program it does not seem to matter. As time goes on, though, they start to notice the fire begin to dim and energy and motivation levels returning to something more normal. This is where many begin to hit, what you might call, "maintenance mode". While they’re still getting shit done and doing what is necessary to keep moving forward, there tends to be a bit more angst and now it looks and feels a bit different. Remarkable accomplishments become fewer and further apart and as time continues the effort being given is just good enough for that day. For many of us, when we reach this point it’s pretty easy to say to hell with it all and do something different or just do nothing…. This is where we believe "just checking the box" can keep people engaged and moving the right direction. Otherwise, often times we get pulled to the “next thing”, not because it's better for us, but because we lack the patience and discipline to see the shitty times for what they are. Lessons. Speed Bumps. Obstacles.

Here is one of the lessons I have learned in over a decade of coaching and entrepreneurship. People quit things all the time, that’s just reality. Most people give up, not because they are incapable, but because they are unwilling to take each day for what it actually is. I’m sure you’ve heard the analogy that social media is essentially the highlight reel of people's lives. It is unfortunate, yet true that we compare ourselves to, the posting of all the best things that happen.... that's just not reality.

Another thing you will also see on the social platforms is all the “successful” people touting their “hustle and grind” work ethic. Boasting of their 80 hour workweeks and chiseled physiques. Letting all of us know that the only way to get what they've got is to suck it up and grind; that the only way to get the body you want is to train your ass off three hours a day and eat chicken breasts and broccoli at every meal. While that may be a slight exaggeration, I think you get that point.

Here’s mine…. You cannot and will not do that shit forever.

Take that for what it’s worth, I’m just a nobody with an opinion that sometimes “just checks the box” because moving forward isn’t always Insta-worthy. Not every day will get an A+ effort.... that's okay because the F days are also valuable.

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