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What's that thing you do?

We believe there is too much complexity and lack of transferability in many of the available fitness programs. As complex as the human body is, a complicated approach to better general health is not necessary. We believe the purpose of a general fitness and strength program should allow an individual to do life better and more efficiently. While the basis of CrossFit training is that of functional movement; the use of some complex movements did tend to create unnecessary barriers to entry, in our experience.

The ability to engage in exercise for a lifetime is the basis of our approach. We feel The ST4BL Method is designed to address factors less evident in our previous training method, primarily on the sustainability and longevity front.

Our purpose is to provide a simple approach to fitness and strength with attention given to the intent behind each workout, providing an overall better result for the end-user.

Why we have transitioned away from our traditional training methods:

· Too complex and too many barriers to entry.

· Too much variance or too random.

· Lack of sustainability due to a gross misinterpretation around intent, volume and intensity.

· The brand itself is bipolar. Public perception goes to a hard, fast and intense scenario as seen in competitive fitness.

We feel The ST4BL Method is a better alternative:

· It’s comprised of movements and formats that are simple to perform and understand

· It is varied, in the sense, that each day, week, and month are different

· Unlike our previous program each day is representative of either general fitness (FIT) or general strength (LIFT or TONE).

· Volume and intensity are delivered in a dose to match the overall intent.

· Sustainability is our top priority.

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